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Agfa Graphics announces new Avalon platesetter series at drupa

Agfa Graphics adds the Avalon N8-90 to its family of computer-to-plate systems, the world’s fastest thermal CtP.

Also at the show: the entry-level 8-up CtP Avalon B8.

The new Avalon N8-90 model for the 8-up or B1 market comes in three different speed options (E, S, and XT) and provides first-rate imaging quality and an unparalleled productivity. The Avalon N8-90 engines are equipped with the latest GLV (Grating Light Valve) imaging technology, featuring both the GLV and a solid-state diode bar and up to 1024 beams in the XT model.

“Thanks to this advanced technology we can ensure an exceptional imaging speed at a low drum rotation velocity”, explains Bruno Lepage, Marketing Product Manager, CtP Equipment Commercial and Packaging.

The Avalon N8 series is compatible with all thermal plates from Agfa Graphics. To reach an unparalleled throughput speed of 70 plates per hour, printers can combine the Avalon N8-90 XT with Agfa Graphics’ Energy Elite printing plates.

“Productivity goes beyond speed or plates per hour”, Lepage added. “The Avalon N8-90 XT is now the fastest thermal drum CtP on the market.”

Avalon B8

At drupa Agfa Graphics also shows the Avalon B8 manual thermal platesetter system, now also introduced to the European market. Avalon B8 comes in two versions: Avalon B8-24 S and Avalon B8-24 XT.

Both models combine manual plate loading with pre-staging. They can also be used with an on-line processor or clean-out unit to deliver high operator productivity at an affordable price point. Based on proven technology with no compromises, reliability is assured.

The systems are most attractive in combination with Agfa Graphics’ ThermoFuse line of chemistry-free plates, including Azura TS, Azura TU and Azura TE. Thanks to the elimination of all process variables this offers Avalon B8-24 S/XT users simplified platemaking with clear, consistent results.

All Avalon platesetters seamlessly integrate with Agfa Graphics’ PDF-based Apogee workflow to provide high-quality automated plate production control for commercial, packaging and publishing printing business.