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Lemmaco folija karstspiedei un aukstspiedei 

Karstspiedes folijas plašam materiālu klāstam dažādās krāsās

16 dažādi veidi difrakcijas folijas

Aukstspiedes folijas zelta un sudraba toņos fleksogrāfijas un ofseta drukai

Lemmaco is a supplier of thermo transfer ribbons, hot and cold stamping foils, self adhesive labels, EDEL UV varnishes, PVA adhesives and window patching films. Headquartered in Zsámbék with additional manufacturing, distribution and sales offices in many European countries, the company’s aim is to create an extended sales network.


As the first member of the Golden Company, Lemmaco was established in 1999. For today it has become one of the leading hot and cold stamping foil, thermo transfer ribbon and self adhesive label supplier in Europe. These products are used mostly in the marking technology and for decoration in the printing- and packaging industry. The Golden Company, which has a familiar atmosphere, enlarged its product range with UV varnishes, PVA adhesives, window patching- and BOPP films in the course of time. The significant export activity is based on our qualified sales team, where the colleagues speak 5 foreign languages and continuously improve their know-how. International presence is also supported by regular participation on relevant fairs and exhibitions. The company’s continuous development is generated by never ending application of technological and technical innovations and using the most up-to-date European Union IMP3rove program tools. As a result of formerly mentioned developments, the quality of our customer service shows permanent and positive progression. Thanks to flexible production programming and keeping the standards of ISO 9001 and 14001, the company is able to supply it’s partners with high product quality at a competitive price level, even from its central site or through its distributors.